Specialists in Aluminum Die Casting


Sales Engineer Training

Back at it again with a story of sales engineers team activities, since the last month, we talked about what they’re learning about tooling systems that usually used in the die casting process. In this article, we will talk about the crucible that sales engineers….

Wilisindomas Sales Activity

Hello everyone, today’s topic is about to share an activity that the sales engineer team do every Friday. This activity called the internal meeting of the sales engineer team. Since early of this year we’re doing an activity that increases sales knowledge of products and skills in communication….

MHIRA 3D Training Product Knowledge

After a long day not meeting a person in physic, we had a chance to meet one of our customer in East Jakarta Industrial Park (EJIP) last week. We did a conference call meeting with our supplier from IDRA Group in our customer’s office. The meeting happened from 2 pm until 5 pm…..

Conference Call With Lethiguel

What do we miss the most from the pre-COVID19 era? Having a conversation with others? Absolutely, Yes. We had a conversation and training with one of our suppliers: Lethiguel – Europe, via video conference call…

Confrence Call With FSA Idra

Hello everyone! We hope that this message finds you well. Today we want to share more about our activities during this pandemic situation. Two weeks ago we did conference call with one of our suppliers from FSA Idra Group which are Idra SRL, STOTEK A/S, IECI, and MPR (Meccanica Pierre).

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