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Degassing – GBF/RGB (Impeller)

When it comes to producing high-quality aluminum castings, one crucial process that deserves attention is degassing.


What is Degassing? 

Degassing is a critical step in the aluminum casting process, primarily used to remove unwanted gases from molten aluminum. These gases, which can include hydrogen, are byproducts of the melting process and can compromise the quality of your castings. By eliminating these impurities, degassing contributes significantly to the overall quality of your cast products.


Benefits of Degassing

1. Improving Casting Quality:

Degassing is instrumental in enhancing the quality of your castings. Here’s how it works:
Gas Removal: Degassing effectively removes a significant amount of gas from the molten aluminum, preventing the formation of defects like porosity and inclusions in your castings.
Dross Reduction: Dross, a layer of impurities that forms on the surface of molten aluminum, is minimized through degassing, resulting in cleaner and more refined castings.
Better Surface Finish: Reduced gas content leads to a smoother, more aesthetically pleasing surface finish on your aluminum parts.

2. Increased Tensile Strength:

Degassing isn’t just about aesthetics – it also has a profound impact on the mechanical properties of your castings:
Enhanced Tensile Strength: By eliminating gas-related weaknesses, degassed aluminum parts exhibit higher tensile strength, making them more durable and reliable in various applications.
Improved Fatigue Resistance: A reduction in gas content can enhance the fatigue resistance of your castings, ensuring they stand up to the demands of real-world use.

In the world of aluminum casting, degassing plays a pivotal role in delivering top-notch quality and strength to your products. By removing undesirable gases and improving the material properties, it’s a technique that every manufacturer should consider.

Ready to experience the benefits of degassing for your aluminum castings? Contact us today to learn more about our degassing parts and facilities, and how we can elevate the quality and strength of your products. Let’s create outstanding aluminum castings together!


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