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Die Lubricants – Oil Based

WFR (Water Free Releasing) was developed for the die casting process, allowing a very small amount of spray, reduction of water remaining rejects, no wastewater disposal, and to make longer die life, etc. This is a new innovation of oil-based die lubricants. It can help you improve the casting quality and also to reduce cost.

WFR series can effectively form a thick film by suppressing the influence of the Leidenfrost phenomenon compared with water based lubricants even over 300C (527F) die temperature. It has a very high adhesion performance with a small spray amount like 1/30 of water based lubricant.

The other things you should know about WFR are the excellent lubricity in releasing performance with a small spray amount and high anti-soldering performance. It is because WFR has high adhesion efficiency at 300 degrees Celsius or more. The adhesion of WFR can prevent soldering and galling. It is also pursuing safety because it is Non-Flammable in liquid or vapor form in the foundry environment, including in direct contact with molten aluminum.

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