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Plunger Lubricant – Oil Based

Die-casting machines play a crucial role in the aluminum die-casting industry, producing intricate metal parts with precision and speed. To ensure these machines run smoothly and efficiently, lubrication is one of the essential things we can’t ignore. AOKI Science offers a solution to this with its Lubrolene plunger lubricants, designed specifically for die-casting machines. These lubricants come with several benefits, making them an ideal choice for manufacturers seeking to optimize their processes.

Excellent Lubricating Performance

One of the key advantages of Lubrolene plunger lubricants is their excellent lubricating performance. They reduce friction and wear, allowing the die-casting machine to operate smoothly, resulting in higher productivity and less downtime. This outstanding performance ensures that your process continues without interruptions.


AOKI Science understands the importance of sustainability in today’s manufacturing processes. Lubrolene plunger lubricants are designed for reusability, reducing waste and cutting down on costs. This feature not only benefits the environment but also your bottom line, making Lubrolene a cost-effective choice.

Graphite-Free Formula: Ideal for Clean Operations

For manufacturers who prioritize cleanliness and minimal residue, Lubrolene offers a graphite-free formula. This lubricant choice reduces graphite buildup, ensuring that your die-casting operations remain clean and efficient. It’s perfect for industries where cleanliness is a top priority.

Graphite-Based Formula: Enhancing the Lubricating Properties

On the other hand, if you are looking to enhance the lubricating properties of your die-casting machine, AOKI Science also provides a graphite-based formula. This formula not only ensures excellent lubrication but also increases the durability and longevity of your machine components.


Incorporating Lubrolene plunger lubricants into your die-casting process can lead to improved efficiency, reduced maintenance, and cost savings. Invest in Lubrolene plunger lubricants by AOKI Science and experience the difference in your die-casting process. Contact us for more information on how Lubrolene can benefit your die-casting process.

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