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Blu Ram HS

Introducing BLU-RAM® HS Plastic: Your High-Performance Refractory Solution

BLU-RAM® HS Plastic is a cutting-edge refractory material that stands out in the industry. It is a phos-bonded, mullite-based product designed to deliver exceptional performance comparable to 85% and 90% alumina-containing products.

One of the key advantages of BLU-RAM® HS Plastic is its ease of installation. Unlike many other refractories, it does not require forms during installation where anchors are present, except for flat arch constructions. This feature streamlines the installation process, saving time and effort.

With its high-quality composition and innovative design, BLU-RAM® HS Plastic is an ideal choice for applications that demand superior performance and reliability. Whether you’re in the aluminum die-casting industry or other high-temperature environments, BLU-RAM® HS Plastic is a trusted solution that delivers outstanding results.

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