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Injection Cooling System

SpotCool / Injection Cooling System is usually used to effectively cool your die casting process. It is divided into three products which are:

1. SpotCool Classic

SpotCool Classic is the cooling solutions for the die casting industry, in terms of field expertise, with more than 10 years of customer’s experience and feedback. It is robust, it is reliable, and it is very competitive. This cooling machine offers a basic and efficient level of equipment, and is ideal for a punctual or specific needs within 20 core pins. It features our famous core-pin breakage control, it measures HP pump outlet pressure and water temperature, and is compatible with our range of accessories.

2. SpotCool Evolution

SpotCool Evolution is Lethiguel’s answer to market and technology’s latest transformations for die-casting industry thermal solutions. This cooling machine integrates the very essence of innovation in M2M (machine-to-machine) communication, with DCM data transmission of eight measuring points, including flow-rate and pressure for each circuit, supply air and HP pump inlet pressure, water conductivity, filter inlet/outlet pressure. Through deep analysis and research, transforming the SpotCool Evolution into a revolutionary machine for productivity management and quality balance for die casting industry cooling systems.

3. SpotCool Performance

More advanced than SpotCool Evolution! SpotCool Performance features 8 circuits, effectively cool down 64 pins. This machine was uniquely designed for big dies, structural and complex parts. The DCM installation will benefit from great flexibility in terms of core pins distribution. The number of manifolds allows great precision in the cooling circuits’ partition, as well as a better distribution of cooling power.

  • Reduce scrap level drastically
  • SpotCool Performance integrates the same feature of SpotCool Evolution in terms of communications and measuring points while doubling the capacity of cooling pin in the die casting industry.


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